Caramelised Bananas and Puff Pastry

Most people are terrified of making desserts so this is one that I invented to get you all out of that tricky situation. The ingredients are all available in supermarkets and it will be ready in minutes.

Pan Seared Fish Fillets

So many are convinced that they can't cook fish to the standard it is cooked in restaurants but that simply isn't true and if you follow this step by step video you will be searing your own fish off at home before you know it

Jacket Potato

Although most people frown when they hear the word microwave there are a couple of things that it can be used for that are very handy delicious time saving treats and this baked potato is certainly one of those :)

Sweet Crepe

This is a thin and enriched version of the classic pancake that originated in France and can be filled with whatever form of sweet filling you choose

Croque Madame

This is a classic fried sandwich that is often served in pubs and cafes in Belgium and France. With this simple video you will now be able to re-create this tasty savoury treat in your own kitchen.

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