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Paul Street, Cork

In the heart of Cork’s Huguenot quarter this late 19th century listed warehouse with stone & brick walls, two storey windows and exposed timber kingpost roof structure lends itself ideally ...

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Poor food, poor service, terrible manager

reviewed by: kevin.merrick 23 April 2017

- stopped here for coffee and cake - Table was covered in sticky liquid and cigerette ash - waitress brought menu out but did not clean table - on menu it stated to ask serving staff what the selection of freshly baked cakes and desserts were - asked waitress who said she would just get us a dessert menu - menu was brought but it contained the same information as previous menu - when I questioned what the cakes were, again, waitress squinted through window into restaurant and stated that she wasn't sure what they were but they are all in at the bar, i.e. telling us to go inside and check. - After taking a closer look at the specials board inside, it also stated here to ask the serving staff what the cakes/desserts were - I just ordered off the current menu as this was turning into a bit of a joke - we ordered a tiramisu and a chocolate brownie sundae with 2 coffees - my coffee arrived and half of it was in the saucer, the waitress didn't say a word, just dumped it on the table and walked off - the chocolate brownie was basically a brick. My spoon couldn't break through it as it was so hard - it was drowned in a gallon of cream, I assume this was done in the hope that it would soften the brownie sufficiently to make it edible. Needless to say, this failed - We sat there for about 20 minutes, trying to get the attention of servers passing us by, repeatedly - eventually one person came to clear our table and I advised that I wanted to send the brownie back as it was inedible - he seemed offended but said hesitantly that he would sort this out with the manager - 15/20 minutes went by and there was no sign of anyone, manager or other staff - eventually I got the attention of the same server and asked for the bill, which he went in to arrange - I could see the till area from where I was sitting and could see the manager and his 'bad attitude' expression when the waiter requested the bill. They had a nice chat at the till before the manager brought it out - I have never before experienced a manager bring a bill and not offering an apology and attempting to walk away until I asked, "did the staff fill you in on the situation" - Honestly, the manager's physical reaction made me afraid that he was going to verbally if not physically attack myself and my partner - I felt so uncomfortable explaining my experience, advising that we have been there on a number of occasions and liked it, but this time was terrible - The half hearted apology arrived and I wasn't charged for the brownie - The only reason that I have given 2 stars instead of 1, is because the tiramisu that arrived was nice. To sum up my experience of Amicus this time, poorly trained waiting staff in terms of waiting skills. Terrible attitudes and work ethic, but given that the manger acted as he did towards us, I am not surprised that this poor work ethic and bad attitude has trickled down through the other staff. No care given to the quality of food served, e.g. coffee spilled, not replaced, no apology, not cleaned up, 1 dessert was about a month old and so hard that it might require a visit to the dentist after eating it. Would strongly recommend against eating here until they sort out the standards in terms of cleanliness, staff and food.

kevin.merrick would not recommend.kevin.merrick would not use again.

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Cuisine: Breakfast, Casual Dining, Tapas, Cocktails, Steak, International, Sunday Lunch, Coeliac Friendly, Family Friendly
Price Range: €15 - €25 per head
Reservations: 021-4276455
Paul Street, Cork
Tel: 021-4276455
Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 10am - Late Sun 12pm - Late

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