Bistro Bianconi

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On Tobergal Lane , Sligo

You can experience our unique Bianconi taste from our extensive choice of both gourmet and classic pizza. In 1993 we opened our restaurant to fill the Italian niche in the market. We opened with the assistance of our friends the Gollino family who for generations have been baking pizzas in their traditional wood burning ovens. Our fresh pasta and gourmet pizza, baked in our authentic wood burning oven, make for our unique Bianconi taste. We use only the freshest, locally produced ingredients, where possible, thereby supporting local industry. We are pleased to add our B.H.O. (Bianconi Healthy Option) selection to our menu.

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reviewed by: bryanbm on Bistro Bianconi 01 July 2011

Great food,pizzas especially.. unfortunately service is extremely slow and well below the standard one would expect. Ten to twenty minute wait between courses. Read more...

bryanbm would not recommend. bryanbm would not use again.

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pizza, pizza, pizza

reviewed by: stellabe on Bistro Bianconi 27 June 2011

This is a great pizza joint. The menu is so extensive I think we spent about 20 minutes trying to decide what to get. there is everything from flat base to deep dish to calzone. It is a pizza lovers dream Read more...

stellabe would not recommend. stellabe would not use again.

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Cuisine: Brasserie, International, Bistro, Italian
Price Range: €15 - €25 per head
Reservations: 0719141744
Accepts Reservations By: phone
Takeaway: Yes
Delivery: Yes
On Tobergal Lane , Sligo
Tel: 0719141744
Opening Hours: Lunch Mon to Fri 12noon-3.30pm Dinner Mon to Fri 5pm-Late Open Saturday from 12pm-Late Open Sunday From 5pm-Late Early Bird - Sun to Wed 5pm-7pm
Signature dish: Chicken Boccocini, Michaelangelo Pizza
Proprietor: Patrick Grimes
Awards: Restaurant Association of Ireland awards

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