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40 Dawson St, Dublin 2

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Terrible night

reviewed by: joann 07 January 2012

I have been living in Dublin for 6 years and I went to Cafe en Seine first time, and I am sure now that I will never go there again. We are normal people working in a school and our appearance is completly proper, we are from different countries around Europe.I went there just few weeks ago with some friends from job, one of the security guys on the floor, told us to GET OUT! without any explanation, even the manager of this place didn't care about Us and he did not want to provide us a valid reason why we were not able to stay there, the manager was as rude and harsh as the bouncers on the floor. We were very upset, as these people ruinned our party and also We were disappointed with these people irresponsible behave. I don't recommend to go to that pub to anybody especially when you want to have great night and you are from different countries around the world.The situation like this happened to me just once and it was Cafe en Seine.

joann would not recommend.joann would not use again.

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40 Dawson St, Dublin 2
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