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GREAT is too small a word

reviewed by: MikeCostello on Luna Restaurant 15 June 2014

What a joy to find LUNA is finally open. We have just returned from Cadiz, the home to some wonderful restaurants but Luna puts them in the shade. Great Great Food, excel Service (thank you) and lovely relaxed Dining with a little ... Read more...

MikeCostello would recommend. MikeCostello would not use again.

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reviewed by: jardin on Luna Restaurant 15 June 2014

Wonderful restaurant, really focussed on incredible flavours, totally unique and reasonably priced. Try the zabaglione with the chocolate marsala sauce! Mmmmmm... Read more...

jardin would recommend. jardin would use again.

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reviewed by: casey on Luna Restaurant 14 June 2014

This restaurant is grossly overpriced for quality of food and wine on offer.I was looking forward to another affordable restaurant in Dromahair and was very disappointed. Read more...

casey would not recommend. casey would not use again.

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